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Always a fun learning experience!


Let's see,.... I've taken 5 classes from well done. All of which I have enjoyed learning, experimenting, and still cook,... after cooking class! Yes!!!

With Kathryn, I've taken her baking 101, holy crepe, French macarons, and Valentine's steak three course dinner. I love food, and also love to cook. I have to say, all of my cooking classes at well done has been an awesome experience. A lot of the recipes we cook from are fool proof. The dishes turn out good while Kathryn is looking over your shoulder, and also turns out fantastic when you Cook it at home. I've made sweet and savory crepes since taking the class,.. a bunch! Turns out perfect! My favorite class has to be the French Macaroons as I have a love affair for them. Kathryn is very informative and her recipe is perfect every time,.. well almost ( unless you don't follow the recipe) . I've made so many, I think I'm almost PRO!

I've only taken one class from Celeste, the chicken and duck class. Wowwww, that class is worth every penny. I learned how to cook 5 dishes I thought was so complicated. Mind you, I cook everyday and come from a family that cooks. Celeste was very patience and informative, she had the answer to everything! I would definitely take more classes from her. Plus she is very sweet!!

Both Kathryn and Celeste are a great team to learn from if you want to start somewhere,.... start here!

Thanks Well Done,
Jennifer Penchas

Incredible class.


My wife and I went into this class not knowing what to expect since this was our first visit to Well Done.

I thought going in if I just learned one thing I didn't know before it would be a success. I way underestimated the level of skill and information the two instructors, Celeste and Leslie exhibited during our time there. They both took the time to explain and didn't rush those of us who weren't up to speed with the latest Espagnole or B├ęchamel sauces.

We're enrolled in the crepe class and looking for recommendations from the experienced attendees from other classes. Thank you for a great night.

Mike Miller