Regina Vigil
Office Manager

Location: Heights

Favorite Dish: Lamb & Root Veggies

Hobbies: Stop-motion animation films, oil painting, and learning piano

Regina Vigil's administrative background comes from managing the offices of Lawndale Art Center and Writers in the Schools, both here in Houston. She has been a photographer and journalist for local newspapers in Manvel, Pearland, and Alvin, and has photographed day-old babies in hospitals. She studied poetry at the University of Houston, where she helped found the undergraduate literary journal Glass Mountain as well as the Boldface Conference for Emerging Writers. Her writing has appeared in various literary journals including Indiana Review and Gigantic Sequins, the latter for which she is currently a reader. She is also the owner of Narwhal Sonata, which sells pillows in existential crisis.

Phone: 832-782-3518