Lindsay Lombardi
Chef Instructor

Location: Heights

Favorite Dish: Bone-in Ribeye

Hobbies: Traveling, Crossfit, Reading, & Karaoke

I'm a native New Yorker. Growing up on the outskirts of NYC in a Jewish/Italian home, my house was always filled with food. From an early childhood of watching Julia Child with my mother, to a later obsession with the Food Network, and during college, I found interest in all things food. As an adult, I traveled to many countries learning and tasting what other cultures had to offer. Experimenting in the kitchen with my mother on multiple occasions and taking a few amateur cooking courses a the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC, helped to hone my cooking skills and knowledge. As a high school educator by trade most Sunday's were spent cooking meals for the upcoming week. That's where my skills were truly developed, by trying new recipes week after week. In 2012 I moved to Houston. Still cooking weekly and trying all of Houston's incredible restaurants, I started searching for more opportunities to learn about food. I stumbled upon Well Done's website after a friend raved about their classes. When I read the "employment opportunities" description I knew I was meant for this job. I love teaching and I love food so at the end of the day Well Done Cooking Classes is a perfect fit for me.

Phone: 832-782-3518